Multi-function Adjustable Wrench Fast Spanner Universal Tube Tongs Self-Locking Quick Wrench


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1.It combines traditional wrench, pipe wrench, screwdriver and socket wrench in one, which makes up for the defects of traditional tools and many tools and inconvenient carrying.
2.When the six angle nut is slipping, it is unable to rotate because of slipping, and the wrench is designed to be three point force. When the workpiece is clamped, it does not need to adjust and will clamp itself, and the tighter the workpiece is, the more it can be used for irregular workpieces such as spherical, tubular, taper and so on. Use a screwdriver and wrench, hook wrench can be used as the 90 degree afterburnerrod is an ideal tool for family maintenance, vehicle maintenance, installation of essential machinery etc.
Packaging Includes:
1x Universal Self-locking Wrench

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