4 Inch 100mm Wrench Mini Metal Adjustable Spanner Jaw Hand Tool


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Product Description

1. The wrench can quickly be set to the required size of the nut or bolt.
2. This adjustable wrenches are the ideal hand tool for all involved in mechanical, plumbing or general building work.
3. Using steel material, this item prevent itself from corrosion. A durable, long lasting, good-quality wrench was provided for you.
4. Applicable to industrial, machine repair, auto repair, electronic maintenance, bicycle maintenance, toys, crafts and home essential tools.
1. Please don't twist the large nut by this little wrench.
2. Only two scale number (0 and 10) were crafted on the wrench.

1. Model: NX
2. Material: Steel
3. Colour: Black and silver
4. Size: 100mm
5. Maximum Opening: 15mm


Package includes: 
1 x 100mm Wrench


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